General Advising

Schedule an advising session to discuss your education plans and goals with a Caribbean College Planner. Receive professional advice and guidance to: - Assist with subject selection for secondary school level examinations, - Assess your eligibility assessed to best determine suitable options - Discuss and explore school and program options, - Discuss where you would like to study, whether at-home or abroad, - Explore possible career options based on your interests. Get your questions answered about the college and university admissions process.

College and University Matchmaking

Have a customized college and university profile created outlining suitable school and program options explored and discussed after a general advising session with a Caribbean College Planner. Options provided match the student’s interests and are based on eligibility. Have essential information curated and available in a single location which can be accessed from any device at any time. The profile covers program information, tuition fees, admission requirements, key deadlines based on the intended start date. Minimize time spent browsing a school’s website trying to find information that is not always easy to locate.

College Essay Review

Schedule a session to have your college essay reviewed by a Caribbean College Planner. Please note that the session will review a single essay only. ***A draft must be emailed at least 24hrs prior to the appointment.***